Making Progress on Book Two: Running Scared

Thrilled to say everything is progressing for the September 1, 2013 release date for book two in the Pete Culnane mysteries. Here’s the summary:

Nick Rice knows someone is after him. He doesn’t know who, and he doesn’t know why. Efforts to determine either or both are unsuccessful. This morning, during his daily run, he concocts a sure-fire solution. For the first time in weeks, he relaxes.

St. Paul investigators Pete Culnane and Martin Tierney are together again. They must determine if a horrific crash on Wheelock Parkway was accidental or deliberate. Their step-by-step investigation uncovers secrets that leave more than one person running scared.

And here’s the cover:

JANO 2013

JANO is an annual writing contest sponsored by Sleuths Ink, a writing group based in Springfield, Missouri. The goal is to write 50,000 words, during the month of January. This is my second year of participation. Follow my progress here.

Wednesday, January 2: I’ve done little other than write for the first two days of JANO. I have my heart set on a 6,000 words/day pace. Hope my brain and my fingers continue to cooperate.

Friday, January 4: Fell a little behind my target pace on day four. Hope to get back up to speed tomorrow.

Monday, January 7: Writer’s block reigns supreme. Continue struggling with Murder on a Stick. Here’s my week 1 total:

Wednesday, January 9: Just completed day 9. The struggle is ongoing. Woe is me.

Friday, January 11: Spent more time researching than writing the last two days.

Sunday, January 13: Reached my JANO goal today! Work on this manuscript will continue, after I take a break, but won’t continue reporting progress here.

Come See Me on Savvy Authors – February 27, 2012

I’ll be blogging about a subject that has been a recent topic of discussion. The subject is “Writing What I Don’t Know.” In this blog I talk about the types of research I did while writing my second novel, scheduled for release on September 1, 2012.

Please stop in at Savvy Authors to read my post and let me know what you think. I’m interested in your research experiences.

January 5, 2012

Wow, 2012 already. I’m working hard on a 2012 sequel to Blinded by the Sight. Eight chapters and counting. For those of you wondering what is going to happen to Pete Culnane, he’s still trying to decide. Happy belated New Year!

October 21st – Books Inc., Gainesville, FL

“Books Inc Book Signing” width=”240″ height=”179″ />[/caption]

October 21 – noon-2 PM Presentation and Signing at Books Inc, 505 NW 13 St., Gainesville, FL, 32601.  Everyone is invited.

IM000826.JPG UPDATE:  Enjoyed the event and guests.  Special thanks to Anne Haisley. She was a wonderful host.